Conceptual, methodological and philosophical issues in social neuroscience

Social Neuroscience (SN) is a fascinating new field that enriches our understanding of social cognition and social behavior by combining biological and social approaches. SN has already yielded many insights into a variety of classic social psychological questions (e.g., see contributions in Harmon-Jones & Winkielman, 2007).  While empirically contributing to these insights, my colleagues and I are also interested in principles, methods and interpretations in the field of psychophysiology (Winkielman & Cacioppo, 2001), neuroimaging (Vul, Harris, Winkielman, & Pashler, 2009) and endocrinology (Churchland & Winkielman, 2012). We are also interested in implications of social neuroscience findings for the traditional philosophical debates about the nature of the mind (e.g., the question of representations in imitation, Carr & Winkielman, 2014).