Lab Facilities

Lab Procedures:

A comprehensive document on preregistration is available here


Lab facilities and major equipment:

Four behavioral testing rooms.  Each room is equipped with a fast PC.  We usually program our experiments in EPrime, Matlab, PsychoPy, OpenSesame.

Two physiological testing rooms.  Each room is partitioned into a testing area and an observation and recording area and is equipped with a Biopac MP150 system.  We can record:

  • EMG
  • SCR (EDA)
  • HR
  • Respiration
  • EEG

We can record some of these signals using wireless BioNomadix Amplifiers.  Currently we use those for wireless EMG and EDA/Pulse.  We analyze our data using Matlab, Acknowledge, and Mindware.

We also have a camera monitoring and recording system.  For video analysis, we use facial expression recognition software (Emotient, formerly CERT).

All this is supported by 3 PCs (each), one for running E-Prime, one for Biopac, and one for video recording.


Our androids:

Some of our studies on mimicry, imitation, facial expressions, and fluency use artificial beings, presented “live” or via video.  Meet one of them here.