Lab facilities and major equipment:

Four behavioral testing rooms.  Each room is equipped with a fast PC.  We usually program our experiments in EPrime and Matlab.

Two physiological testing rooms.  Each room is partitioned into a testing area and an observation and recording area and is equipped with a Biopac MP150 system.  We can record:

  • EMG
  • SCR (EDA)
  • HR
  • Respiration
  • EEG

We can record some of these signals using wireless BioNomadix Amplifiers.  Currently we use those for wireless EMG and EDA/Pulse.  We analyze our data using Matlab, Acknowledge, and Mindware.

We also have a camera monitoring and recording system.  For video analysis, we use facial expression recognition software (Emotient, formerly CERT).

All this is supported by 3 PCs (each), one for running E-Prime, one for Biopac, and one for video recording.

Our androids.  Some of our studies on mimicry, imitation, facial expressions, and fluency use artificial beings, presented “live” or via video.  Meet one of them here.